Welcome to the new home of kaoani!

Why kaoani has moved I had to change hosting providers to get decent WordPress hosting for my Artylicious webdesign business. But I couldn’t justify spending money on new hosting for kao-ani. At the same time I didn’t feel like letting … Continue reading Welcome to the new home of kaoani!

We’re back!

I’m sorry that maintenance took a little longer than expected. Luckily the new theme is functioning well (^_^)/! With the previous theme I was no longer able to attach images to posts :(, but things are back to normal now. As you might have noticed I kept the original layout largely intact and slightly tweaked it. There might be a couple of more changes along the way. Thank you for your patience and welcome back! Continue reading We’re back!

A Kawaii 2014!

Woohoo, I wish you all the best for 2014! I hope it will be a great year and that you will keep visiting kao-ani ^_^ Thank you so much for your support in 2013! And now for the winner of the Paper Doll Mate calendar & pen givaway: . . . ♩♪♫♬ *drumroll* ♩♪♫♬ . . . it’s Heather! Thank you all for participating and please feel free to enter a next time, because I’m sure there will be new giveaways this year. Continue reading A Kawaii 2014!

Kao-ani.com turned 10 today!

Exactly 10 years ago I registered and launched kao-ani.com ^_^ Around that time the site looked a bit different: The above layout was made with a little help from Metin, he designed the penguins and icecubes. I remember that in those days it was fashionable to use tiny fonts, pixel images, tables, iframes, tagboards etc. A lot has changed since then 😀 I want to thank you all very much for visiting and please help yourself to some cake: Winner Cinnamoroll necklace Thank you for entering the giveaway, it was very nice to read the comments which gave me a … Continue reading Kao-ani.com turned 10 today!