I’ve compiled a list of most asked questions and other things you might be wondering about. Feel free to drop me a line if you’ve still got any questions!

Will you make me a layout or pixel graphics for free?
Unfortunately I can’t, besides my job and personal life I don’t have much time left. Please contact me through Artylicious (my professional website) if you’d like a price quote for a website layout.

Can I use your pixels for my layout/avatars/message board etc.?
You can use the adoptions, but only if you put them on your personal website with a link back to kao-ani.com.

How did you design your blog?
Usually I start by sketching the website on a piece of paper. When I’m content with the general look and feel, I’ll use a vector program to make the illustrations. The current layout is inspired by sakura and Cato. The cherry tree illustration has been designed by Freepik.

What WordPress theme did you use?
Kao-ani is based on underscores.me, a very minimalistic theme that allows you to build and code the website from scratch. If you’d rather use a complete parent theme, I can recommend the WordPress theme directory or Themeforest. My favorite WordPress plugins used on kao-ani.com are: Akismet, WPForms, Tango Smileys Extended and Popular Widget.

Where did you learn how to make websites?
I got all my webdesign knowledge by putting online tutorials into action until my eyes turned square. I encourage you to just start with a simple site, practice makes perfect ^_^. You’ll get a long way by reading/watching tutorials and don’t give up too soon. It’s true when they say that you learn from your mistakes. Also Google is your friend here. Good luck!

What camera do you use?
Up to 2017 I’ve been using a Canon EOS 450D, aka Digital Rebel XSi. Nowadays I’m using a lighter Olympus OM-D E-M10 camera with the 14-42mm + 40-150mm kit lenses. The Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 25mm f/1.8 is high on my wishlist, so that I can also shoot in low light conditions (a.k.a. Winter). I usually shoot the objects on a large piece of paper near a window on a sunny day. Afterwards I’ll touch and brighten them with photo editing software.

Who or what are those cute dolls you used to collect?
They are called Pullip dolls and traveled all the way from Japan. Since the end of 2003 almost each month a new Pullip will be released in limited numbers. That makes them very collectible and let me tell you, these dolls are addictive (O_o). Others dolls that I like are called Blythe. These gals where originally issued in 1972 by Kenner and have regained popularity since the late 90’s.