Welcome to the new home of kaoani!

Why kaoani has moved

I had to change hosting providers to get decent WordPress hosting for my Artylicious webdesign business. But I couldn’t justify spending money on new hosting for kao-ani. At the same time I didn’t feel like letting this website go completely. It has been my personal blog for almost 20(!) years, but I find myself blogging very little these days. So I’ve rehomed all the posts & comments here on kaoani.home.blog – a free WordPress.com blog.

You should also be able to use the Craft DIY and Freebies section again, with updated downloads of patterns, wallpapers and emoticons.

Please update your bookmarks

Website: kaoani.home.blog
Feed: kaoani.home.blog/feed/
Bloglovin’ followers; I’ll move you to the new address this week.

What will happen to kao-ani.com?

I will keep the domain-name and probably redirect it to it’s new home.

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