Hiatus or a goodbye for kao-ani?

GoodBye for Now

As you might have noticed not much has been happening on kao-ani.com for quite some time. I’ve been focussing on my webdesign business Artylicious.com, by learning new skills and building a new website. Work has been slow lately (let’s hope it’s just the summer slow down), so I’m going to work on new website templates. This means my priorities has shifted a little, because well, I need work to pay the rent πŸ˜‰

Meanwhile I’m also in the process of selling some of my toy collections, to help raise funds for a trip to Japan next year. I’ve never been to Japan and it’s way on top of my bucket list.

To be honest I’m not sure if I’ll pick up blogging again, for now I’ll take a long pause. Whatever happens kao-ani will remain available as an archive, for at least a year. I’ve always appreciated your comments and involvement <3, thank you for visiting my website!

You can still read my new posts on Super Cute Kawaii or follow me on Instagram.

The image in this post has been created by Freepik

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