Kao-ani.com turned 10 today!

Exactly 10 years ago I registered and launched kao-ani.com ^_^ Around that time the site looked a bit different:

Kawaii website 2013

The above layout was made with a little help from Metin, he designed the penguins and icecubes. I remember that in those days it was fashionable to use tiny fonts, pixel images, tables, iframes, tagboards etc. A lot has changed since then πŸ˜€ I want to thank you all very much for visiting and please help yourself to some cake:

Anniversary Cake Cute

Winner Cinnamoroll necklace

Thank you for entering the giveaway, it was very nice to read the comments which gave me a good insight on what you like most about the website. Random.org picked out commenter no. 7 (< lucky number) as a winner and that is Alexis! Congratulations Alexis, I will contact you soon. Please don't feel bad if you didn't win, I will do another giveaway in the near future.

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