Japanese Stationery Shop Review – Rainbowholic Shop

This review contains a bit of cross-posting with the article that I made with Marceline for Super Cute Kawaii. I have only made one order at the Rainbowholic shop so far and really wanted to include it in this series of Japanese stationery shop reviews. I’ll go a bit more in depth about the ordering, service and the assortment of the shop.


At the beginning of this year I noticed that Kaila was holding a fund-raising campaign for her dad who is undergoing radiation treatment for cancer. It’s a subject close to my heart, as both of my parents have had cancer. Also Kaila is such a great role-model for the kawaii community, with her love for Japan and her positive attitude, that I really wanted to support her #RainbowsForMyDad campaign by making a purchase.


The package arrived within a week after shipping and it was adorned with lots of kawaii washi tape and stickers! I received some extra cherry blossom stickers in my package, because Kaila had noticed that we are both a fan of sakura. She also included a ‘keep believing in yourself’ booklet in the package. It is handmade and comes with great positive advice to achieve your dreams. To be honest I was having major PMS when the package arrived so this made my day (and it made me tear up big time, haha).


I had been eyeing the Bande Sakura Washi and Sakura Petals Washi Tape for a while. And this washi tape did live up to my expectations. Basically the tape consists of small washi stickers in various shapes that you can peel off. I’ve used both tapes for my Bullet Journal April set-up, that I will share with you soon. It was so nice to work with these Bande tapes, I can really recommend them.


This cute Pokemon Dessert Plate sticker sack -with pastel colors and golden details- has got the cutest illustrations. I’m planning on using these stickers in my Bullet Journal, probably to decorate a Pokemon Go page. This set is sold out, but you can find a couple of other Pokemon items at the Rainbowholic shop.


The shop carries a nice selection of character stationery, often sold in sets and/or as Rainbow Mail. My Melody is an old favorite Sanrio character of mine, so I ordered this cute set with clear stickers, tape and post-it notes. These are all official Sanrio items of a good quality. :heart:

Rainbowholic Shop from Japan Review Summary

Cute stationery in this shop

Washi tape, stickers, stamps, pens, markers, pencil cases, memo pads and journals are all available in the stationery section. Rainbowholic Shop is also the place to look for creative books and the special Rainbow Mail. Also if you are visiting Japan, you can book Kaila for a Kawaii Tokyo Stationery Tour, which sounds like so much fun πŸ™‚

Packing and shipping


Kaila emailed a picture of the package and the tracking number, so I could keep an eye on it. My order arrived within a week in a sturdy envelope, decorated with lots of kawaii washi tape.

Product and shipping prices


The product prices are very reasonable, but a little higher compared to other shops, hence 4 stars ^_^ For instance a set of 5 Mildliners is about $8.90 at the Rainbowholic Shop compared to $7.00 at Cute Things from Japan.
Most Rainbow Care Packages come with a flat rate shipping of about $4.50. Other items will be shipped by the somewhat expensive EMS method. But I emailed Kaila to work out Airmail shipping with tracking, which was only $8,80 for my package.

Customer service


Despite the fact that Kaila is working another job and blog/vlogs quite often, she responded very quickly to emails. She was super helpful and absolutely deserves these 5 stars!

Shopping at the Rainbowholic Shop has been a positive experience for me. If you are looking for Japanese stationery with kawaii and cheerful designs, you should really check out this shop. And if you’d like to receive a more personal package, you might enjoy Kaila’s Rainbow Mail.