Cato Is Ill – A Tiny Blog Hiatus


About 6 weeks ago Cato -who just turned 14- suddenly started to vomit multiple times. Up to the point that she only threw up bile and foam. Throwing up is one of Cato’s specialities, but usually it stops after one time. She also completely stopped eating and drinking afterwards. A quick Google search taught me that cats can get liver damage from not eating for 2 days or more. So we made sure to see the vet the next day.


Why is Cato so ill?

The day before her health declined we had some work done to our back yard, including a quick cleaning of the patio. The patio cleaner was supposed to be biological, but upon further investigation we learned that it contained Didecyldimethylammonium Chloride / Benzalkonium Chloride. Diluted and dried up this substance shouldn’t do much harm to cats. But we think that she might have ingested some from her water bowl outside. Afterwards I feel so stupid for not checking on her bowl, so if you read this and have pets, be aware. She did not have any mouth ulcers though, which usually happens if a cat licks Benzalkonium Chloride from its paws.

Up to this day we are not sure if she’s got any damage from the patio cleaner, or if it is just a coincidence that she got ill the day after. The blood tests and echograph didn’t show a clear diagnosis, other than that she had an infection and possibly pancreatitis.

Sadly I discovered this Monday that her right eye has gone blind, the pupil is permanently dilated. I talked to the vet in tears when I found out. Because she had been poked around so many times I had promised Cato not to go there anymore. But I decided to bring her in once more, only to see if her blood pressure wasn’t sky high. Once she was on the treatment table she made a perfect poo, haha. Both me and the vet were happy, because she hadn’t been able to do so in a while. Her blood pressure was just fine. So now we still don’t know what’s wrong, but it might be a brain tumor.

Cato’s main symptoms are:
– Hardly eating
– Stomach pain (she mostly sits hunched up with her feet tucked under her)
– Lethargic
– Sleeping most of the time
– Back leg weakness
– Nausea
– Sudden blindness in one eye

In the beginning she also stopped drinking, but this has gotten better after a day of fluid therapy.


So what now?

To make sure that Cato was getting fed, we had to tube feed her multiple times a day. Basically this means feeding the cat with syringes with wet food (in our case Hills I/D). She also had to get multiple medications, such as antibiotics. The vet made this look so simple, but at home it was a huge battle trying to get her to swallow a pill. So from that day on I mixed it into her food. This was time-consuming, but luckily we are both working from home as freelances for kind & patient clients.

The horrible thing about pancreatitis is that you can’t cure it, you can only help the cat a bit and hope for the disease to go away. And if it’s a brain tumor we would only prolong her life for a year or so, if it can be treated in the first place. There’s no clear prognosis and her condition will range from day to day. One day I though I had to let her go and the next night she gave me headbutts and cuddled up beside me. Eventually Cato got fed up (no pun intended) with the force feeding, up to the point that she started hiding from us. Last weekend we decided to only feed her Almo Nature from a small bowl -great treat for any cat- which went well.

We might have to let her go

Tuesday she was doing really well, she was active and managed to kill a pigeon in the backyard (O_o). But today she is not doing well at all. She can barely walk and she accepts syringe feeding by opening her mouth herself. If she will stay like this or if she gets even worse, we will put to sleep before the weekend. It really breaks my heart to even think about this. It is so hard to let her go, but it is even harder to see that her quality of life is suffering. For now we try to keep her as comfortable as we can. We also gently cuddle her a lot, which she still accepts and enjoys.


all of the above pictures are from before her illness

17 thoughts on “Cato Is Ill – A Tiny Blog Hiatus

    1. I know it has been hard on both of us, thank you for sharing the care :heart:. Cato will be in our hearts and memories forever.


  1. I’m so sorry to hear this 😦 You’re doing everything you can for her and she’s still having good days (the pigeon!) and lots of quality time with you guys… if she doesn’t get better, you’ll know when it’s best for her – sounds like she’s had a lovely, long and spoiled life so far and can get over this illness! πŸ™‚ :sun:


    1. Thank you so much :heart: Sadly we had to let Cato go, but it’s a comforting thought that we’ve spoiled her like a true princess. We’ve enjoyed her company very much and hope that she has had a good forever home with us.


  2. I had something similar happen where my cat ate a huge pile of plastic easter grass without me knowing. Puking blood, and hiding, etc. I kept replaying the events of the previous days and a thousand things came to mind as to what might have happened – something I did wrong, what I could have done. I beat myself up for weeks after I saw his x-ray, even though ultimately I didn’t lose him. It was a close thing.

    Accidents and age happen, and it’s not your fault. Clearly, you do right by her and love her so much. :heart: Sometimes the decline in an older cat is very abrupt. They are very good at hiding illness, despite you being with them every day and giving them the best possible care. I’m sorry you and Cato had to go through this, and hope everything turns out okay!!


    1. Thank you so much for sharing your story and for your kind words.:heart: I’m glad that your cat was able to recover! It’s almost impossible to keep everything out of reach, isn’t it? Cats can even become ill from a strand of ‘real’ grass being stuck. I can imagine that you must have been scared by seeing the blood.

      I do take comfort in knowing that this was probably something we could not cure. Although it felt very frustrating, I searched on Google for hours trying to find out what was wrong with Cato. Eventually she didn’t get better, but it was a slight comfort to know that both we and her had tried everything in our power.


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