Squishy Kiosk Review and Giveaway


Last week I received a box filled with kawaii Squishies from Squishy Kiosk. The squishy selection of Blippo.com had grown so much, that they decided to open a dedicated store just for squishies. You can find a good selection of animals, food and generally cute themed squishies in the Kiosk. Below you can find my opinion on the squishies and do read (or scroll) on for a giveaway!


The package came with a cute handwritten ‘thank you’ card and business card of the person who had packed the squishies. So let’s see what was inside!



The first squishy to greet me was a Crazy Poo from Creamii Candy. I received the Yummiibear version, with cute sprinkles on top. It’s scented, but luckily it smells like melon instead of a actual poop. The scent is quite strong, so do take notice of this is you are allergic (it made me sneeze quite a bit). This squishy is of really good quality, it popped right back in shape after a good squeeze.


The Crazy Poo comes with an optional hanger featuring a kawaii Yummiibear charm and phone plug.



Next up is this pretty Fantasy Galaxy Unicorn squishy. It’s from an unknown Chinese brand called Magic Squishy with a package covered in My Little Pony pictures and Engrish. My favourite phrase is; ‘Gaution, this product is nammable please keep away from fire’.

The unicorn actually looks like a mix of Sanrio and Tokidoki, with pretty pastel coloured manes. I think that the seam has got a somewhat strange position, going through the body and head. But this squishy does score high points on being cute and stress relieving. The Unicorn and the Crazy Poo squishy are both slow rising, which means it takes a while for them to regain their original shape. That is so relaxing to watch ^_^



I also received 2 different food themed squishies.
This Soft Summer Cake Squishy looks very sweet. But I do have to say that the sharp yellow sprinkles make it hard to give the cake a satisfying squeeze. It would be nice as a bag charm though.



The Squishy Heart Donut is right up my alley. It resembles a donut quite well and I really like this style. This squishy is very affordable for just $ 1.60, especially given the fact that Squishy Kiosk offers free shipping.


Squishy Kiosk Giveaway

Now on to the giveaway! Would you like to bring some squishies home? You can use the entry widget below before May 21 for a chance to win a cute squishy price. The winner will be chosen at random and will be notified by email. Good luck!

*this giveaway has ended*

6 thoughts on “Squishy Kiosk Review and Giveaway

  1. Love these squishies!!! Espesially the unicorn and the cake, they would add to a little bit of happiness everyday and make people smile when people see these 😍


  2. I can’t believe I actually won this giveaway!! Thank you so much Natasja 🀩 I admit…. I really hope I get a β€œCrazy Poo” squishie from Squishy Kiosk too LOL!! πŸŒˆπŸ’©πŸŒŸ I didn’t even know those kinds existed before I read your post πŸ˜‡


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