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Last July, I intended to blog more regularly, but most posts remained unfinished. I’m sorry for disappearing like that! To be honest I’m not sure what really happened. It’s probably a combination of things:

  • ✦ Life getting in the way
  • ✦ Busy work schedule
  • ✦ Me being lazy and preferring to scroll the internet aimlessly
  • ✦ My mojo (inspiration) went missing
  • ✦ Dark days during wintertime, making it hard to take proper pictures

Also I’ve been having a mild case or RSI, for over a year now. With some computer and lifestyle adjustments it’s been getting better, but it’s still a weak (and painful) spot. So I try to stay away from the computer for longer periods at a time.

Recently I started creating a kawaii bullet journal and somehow it helped me to get my mojo back! I really hope that I can keep up with creating more content. You can expect the following subjects to show up on

  • ✱ Independent illustrators and creatives
  • ✱ Kawaii stationery
  • ✱ Kawaii journalling and handlettering
  • ✱ Cute character news
  • ✱ Cute food and recipes
  • ✱ Reviews & Giveaways

I’ll try to post at least once a week. Feel free to e-mail me with a (subtle ;)) reminder if I tend to fall off the blogging wagon again! Also I really appreciate all your comments and I promise to reply more frequently from now on.