Cute Stickers from Korean Brand Manet

A while ago I stumbled upon the stickers from a brand called Manet. I had never heard of this stationery brand before, but their Korean website immediately won me over. The designs from Manet are so cute, without being too kitch

manet korean stickers

Because journalling sparked up my interest for stickers, I decided to buy a couple of sheets from Manet. First up is the Bambi Friends stickersheet. I’m very fond of deer and these stickers would be very suited for a Fall theme. The stickers are of great quality, with a very crisp/sharp print on them.

manet korean stickers deer bambi

Manet makes the cutest bunnies, so I got both the Flower Crown Rabbit 2 and the Strawberry & Rabbit sticker sheet. They are both adorable, well, judge for yourself:

manet korean stickers flower crown rabbit
manet korean stickers flower crown rabbit

I love it that the strawberry colours are still soft and pastel, not too bright.

manet korean stickers strawberry rabbit

Last up is the Fluffy Cat sticker sheet -gotta love that title- with a cats and rain theme. Notice how the cats wear a kawaii cat-umbrella or frog-rainsuit?

manet korean stickers fluffy cat

manet korean stationery

Manet also designs larger stickers, washi tape, memo pads and wrapping paper.

manet stationery english shop

I bought the sticker sheets from Yozo Craft and House of Novelty.

You can also buy directly from the official English Manet webshop. However, I just discovered that their shipping costs to Europe start from $37,- T_T So I’ll stick with the shops mentioned above for now. If you are interested in getting the larger stickers, memo pads or wrapping paper, then you could check out Rodmas Stationery.

What do you think about the stationery from Manet?

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  1. It’s nice to see a recent post from you,Natasja! I remember visiting this website, like, 15 years ago! Such a nostalgia :inlove:


    1. Thank you so much for your comment Beatriz! It really means a lot to me to read that visitors from way back are still around ^_^ Hi!


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