Kawaii Cats Stickers & Pin by We Are Extinct

In the upcoming weeks I would like to introduce you to some Dutch designers who have a passion for anything kawaii. First up is Erik Buikema from We Are Extinct. His illustrations are cheerful, cute and sometimes refer to 80’s toys.

I’ve been following Erik for a while on Instagram and noticed that he had a new line called ‘yum yum cats’ coming up. All the illustrations looked equally cute, so I was happy to discover the stickers in the shop. I ordered them along with a pin and I’m very pleased with both items.

Yum Yum Cats Stickers and Pin

I used a couple of the yum yum cats stickers to brighten up my new wallet. The stickers are from vinyl and can also be used outdoors, so hopefully they’ll stick around for a while (pun intended).

Yum Yum Cats - We Are Extinct Stickers Review

The set contains 10 pieces in total and it’s hard to pick a favourite one. Maybe I like the ice bowl best, as they remind me a little of Nyan Nyanko.

Yum Yum Cats - We Are Extinct Stickers Review

Wit every order from We Are Extinct you’ll receive a free kawaii card! I’ve received a box full of kitties with a previous order and this ice cream shop card was even from a better quality, printed on shimmery paper.

Yum Yum Cats - We Are Extinct Pin Review

This is not my picture, but it shows how pretty the basket of kittens pin is. At about 4 x 4 cm it’s quite large and perfect for any cat-lover. If you are looking to get one yourself, do hop over to the shop, as there are only 15 pins left now.

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