Lucky Paper Stars Tutorial

On one of the previous websites of I had posted a Paper Stars Origami Tutorial. The instructions were written in an itsy bitsy tiny pixel font, since that was all the rage back then. Luckily I still had Little Twin Stars paper straps lying around, with these instructions:

Lucky Paper Stars Tutorial

To be honest these images confused me a little, so I’m going to try to explain it short and simple:

β˜… 1-3. Fold a knot into the paper strip (like picture 3) leaving a short part of strip to the left.
β˜… 4. Just ignore this step for now.
β˜… 5. Fold the short part of the strip over to the right. If it sticks out over the pentagram, just cut a little off. Now tuck it under the small flap.
β˜… 4+6. Start folding the large part of the strip over to the back and the front of the pentagram. Keep folding it over all the sides, until you’ve only got a small part of strip left.
β˜… 7. Tuck that part under the small flap.
β˜… 8. Use you fingernail to gently push in the middle of all the 5 sides.
β˜… 9. Voila, lucky stars!

Lucky paper Stars Fairykei

Paper strips can be bought from shops like Janet Store. But you can also make your own. You may use any colorful paper starting from discarded magazines and tax papers πŸ˜› to origami paper and gift wraps. Cut straight strips that are about 8 to 11 inches long and between 3/8 to 1/2 inch wide. It is also possible to print them (Google is your friend).

I hope you enjoyed the first flashback ^_^

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  1. Hello~!!! it’s so nice to see that this site is still alive~ I’ve followed you eversince I discovered your site in (i don’t know if that site still exists though). I’ve always liked this site, and I’ve come here for some inspiration a couple of times that I had my own, and tried learning html. Well now, I’ve havent tried anything with html for couple of years, and behold html5.

    Anyway I just dropped a comment to say, keep it up. Your site is both an inspiration, nostalgia and history. I remember when adopting pixel critters were the newest and hottest thing around web. anyway, i still visit every now and then but i think this is the first time i really left a long comment. X3 :heart::star::coffee:


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