Happy Street

Happy Street is a cute game that has been around for a year. Somehow I missed it’s release, until a friend recently brought the game to my attention. Ever since the closing of Pet Society I’ve been avoiding online games and mainly play on my iPad or DS. Happy Street turned out to be a game which I really like.

Happy Street iPad

You start out with the main characters Billy and Pepin. Billy is a cheerful Fox who’s trying to build an invention, and needs your help in doing so. Pepin on the other half is a clever wolf, who’s always trying come up with a good businessplan. Basically the game is about building a community of animals. They’ll need houses, shops and greenery to get by. The more cleverly you manage to place your stores -for instance next to the right houses or trees- the more coins you’ll earn. With those coins you get to buy more shops and buildings, or improve them.

There are also paid coins, known as Flooz. You can earn them by visiting friends, completing quests or by using the Lucky Spin. From the start I’ve only made one purchase -for tokens and the Chipmunk Hut- and didn’t feel the need to buy more Flooz. So it’s nice to know that the game can be played without spending real money.

Happy Street iPad

The characters are very cute and the quests are nice as well. I like it how Happy Street isn’t too sweet, the characters can give eachother witty remarks for instance. Also there are nice touches to the game like how you have to make the seagull poop on citizens’ heads and the way your sheep looks when it has been shaved. There’s a lot more to the game, but I’ll let you find that out for yourself.

My strategy 😉 is to play the game a couple of times a day for a few minutes. This way you can earn more by restocking the shops and harvest trees, rocks, wool, flowers etc. multiple times.

Happy Street iPad

After playing the game for two weeks I’m still not bored with it, so I can recommend it 🙂 Feel free to add me through the Game Center, my username is Kaoani.
Happy Street is available for the iPhone/iPad or Android device.

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  1. Definitely trying this out thanks for the suggestion! Right now I’m so excited about the Lineplay 2.0 update it’s a lot faster & seems more stable. & I also started playing Japan Life. Hope all’s been well with you. ❤


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