Kawaii Jewelry update

Sorry for the lack of posts recently! I can be quite a hermit, but I actually had a busy social life this last month (O_o) I’ve also been crafting new jewelry for the shop 🙂
Below you can see some of the recent additions and new items are being in the make. But first I’m going to enjoy the sun, since the next days is will be summer dresses weather, yay ^_^

kawaii jewelry korilakkuma necklace

kawaii jewelry fairykei

kawaii jewelry fairykei cookie ring

P.S. If you have difficulties seeing the images, please let me know. I’ve just installed an anti hotlinking script.

One thought on “Kawaii Jewelry update

  1. I really love your jewelery and hope to make an order soon how much is shipping to the States usually? I live in Panama but I have a PO Box in the States Florida. Hope your week wasn’t that hectic and that you got to do something you really enjoy! =)


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