Japanese Stationery Shop Review – Kawaii Shop Japan

For now this will be the last Japanese shop I’m reviewing for this series. Maybe I’ll add more later, once I stumble upon new shops. And if you’ve got any suggestions, please do let me know in the comments below!

I’d like to conclude with Kawaii Shop Japan, a shop that I’ve been buying from for years. Honestly I can really recommend this shop. Shop owner Miki is ever so kind and you’ll receive a great service at a very reasonable price.


This is what I bought at Kawaii Shop Japan during the Summer. It’s a great place to go hunting for cute official stationery, tiny vinyl toys and vintage shojo items.


Miki packs each individual item in bubble plastic or in between cardboard. Because my postman enjoyed crushing packages, she also writes ‘Do Not Bend, Please’ on each package (^_^) This really seems to help; everything always arrives in a great condition. With most packages (if the remaining weight allows for it) you’ll also receive a set of free cute memo notes. I got these adorable Shombori Azarashi notes in my package.


From time to time you can find special (Japan only) releases in the shop, such as these Tamura SetsukoΓ—Sanrio Characters sticker flakes. I thought that these designs looked very cute and retro.


Kawaii Shop Japan is great for buying sticker sacks, they carry a large selection of cute stickers. I got the Kamio Japan ポテチシール sack and stickers featuring Yeastken / いーすとけん.


I’ve got a soft spot for Korilakkuma, so this vacation themed sticker sheet made it to my basket as well.


Shop updates -as announced on the homepage– usually happen on a Sunday about once a month. Some items, especially small vinyl toys, are hard to come by and will sell out fast. If these mini figures are restocked, you can find them in the small & tiny or in the irregular items section. Items in the last section often have a bit of dirt on them, as written in the description. These Takochu were also I bit dirty, but I was able to clean them up after taking these pictures.

Kawaii Shop Japan Review Summary

Cute stationery in this shop

You can find memo pads, letter sets, stickers, washi tapes, stamps, pencils and pencil cases in this shop. It’s also a good place to look for shojo items (both vintage and modern), small vinyl toys, straps and even cute kitchenware.

Packing and shipping


Miki will always mail a picture of the package, which will usually be shipped within 1-3 days after payment. Everything is packed very carefully.

Product and shipping prices


Prices for both shipping and the products are very reasonable, with stickers starting at $1.15. You can make an estimate of the shipping costs (and pick your desired method) by reading the shopping guide. The weight of each item is written on its detail page. After you’ve placed an order, you’ll receive a Paypal invoice including shipping costs within a couple of days.

Customer service


Miki responds quickly to emails, within one or two days. The service is very good!

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