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Last Summer I reviewed the renewed Kawaii Box from Blippo. The Japan Candy Box also received a make-over with a new pattern on the box and a booklet explaining all the items. Tado created the cute logo and the kawaii illustrations are from ChiChi. Blippo kindly offered a box to review, which arrived in about 17 days after I received the shipping notification. This month’s theme is Halloween Party, so I was really looking forward to unboxing it!

Do read on to the end if you dare, for a giveaway of the renewed Japan Candy Box!


Let’s start with the Koala’s March cookies, which are a favourite snack of mine. These crunchy biscuits have a chocolate filling and a cute koala printed on top. This is a special edition where each koala is dressed up for Halloween. Printed on the package are two papercrafts: a kid’s sized halloween mask on the back and a bow shaped part at the bottom. You’ll need 2 packages to create a complete bow.



I really like the coffin that this skeleton Ramune candy comes in! Inside there’s a package of candies shaped like human bones. You can puzzle them together to get the full skeleton as pictured on the back. The candies taste of Ramune, a popular Japanese soft drink.


The Marukawa witch gum on the left will change the colour of your tongue to red or black. This would be fun to try yourself or to play a trick on someone else! :ghost: With the Coris mizuame DIY candy you can mix the 3 included syrups to create a new taste. I haven’t tried this DIY kit yet, but you can check it out on the Japan Candy Box blog.



The Marukawa witch mystery gum comes in 5 flavours: grape, strawberry, orange, milk and a mysterious grey gum (named itazura/prank). Milk might seem as a strange pick for a bubble gum flavour, but it’s actually my favourite of them all. You can mix the bubble gums to create completely new flavours. For instance orange+grape+milk will give you soda. And by mixing all 4 flavours together the taste magically disappears. It’s a bit difficult to really taste the mixes and some combinations taste rather chemical. It’s a cool concept though and the gum makes decent bubbles as well.


The Lotte toppo cookie sticks always look like reversed Pocky sticks to me ^_^ The package contains 2 bags of pretzel sticks with milk chocolate filling. They actually taste quite similar to the Koala’s March cookies. You can dip the sticks into hot drinks, which is my favourite pastime during cold days, so I’ll give them the full 5 β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… stars. My hubby said it had a nice vanilla flavour to it, he rated this snack 4 stars β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†.


These monster stamp candies were so much fun, I’m actually a bit sad that I’ll have to eat them eventually. Once you lick a monster candy, you can use it as a stamp. They work pretty well too, with the blue ghost I really got the hang of it as you can see in the picture. I don’t know what the ingredients are, but my guess would be 90% sugar and 10% food colouring πŸ˜‰ The Yaokin stamp set is available for just 1,10 at Blippo.


Up next is a well know Japanese caramel corn treat from Tohato. This special Halloween edition has an extra peanut flavour, but to be honest it still tasted pretty much like the original caramel snacks. It’s really a very nice crunchy snack, although it is a bit too sweet for my taste.


The Halloween box also contained two larger snacks: a brown sugar bar and an umaibo puffed corn stick. These I haven’t tried yet, but you can see what they look like unwrapped at the Japan Candy Box website.

Japan Candy Box Pricing & Discount


Prices for a Japan Candy Box range from $17.90 to $19.90 a month, with free worldwide shipping. The items in my Halloween Box would add up to a total of about $22 when bought separately.

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Japan Candy Box Giveaway β˜†

Would you like to try a Japan Candy Box as well? Feel free to enter the widget below! You can fill as many entries as you wish. The more entries you get, the better your chances of winning are. The raffle will end on October 29 and the winner -who is chosen at random- will receive a free Japan Candy Box. Good luck to everyone!

Kao-ani Japan Candy Box Giveaway
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This post and giveaway is kindly sponsored by Japan Candy Box ^_^

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