Hamuco’s Tiny Hamsters

Hamuco Miniature Hamster Cute

Although this hamster looks edible, you’ll probably break your teeth on it. Actually it is a miniature sculpture that will fit into the palm of your hand. Nakano Yoshi-ho (Yumi) from Japan crafts these tiny animals with a lot of detail. She occasionally sells them during hobby events in Japan. You can expect to pay up to 2100Â¥ ($20) for them. This might look like a lot of money, but the resin bases alone will cost her about 1000Â¥. Personally I would love to get my hands on a Hamuco hamster, but unfortunately they aren’t being sold outside of Japan. Luckily Hamuco also designs tiny animal straps, which are available worldwide.

Hamuco Miniature Hamster Cute - Strawberry

Hamuco Miniature Hamster Cute - Craft

The hamsters start out as white resin figurines. First Yume will use an airbrush to apply a color or pattern to the base. Little details such as the eyes are painted on with a small paintbrush. After the additional parts are glued on, the hamsters will be lined up to dry.

Hamuco Miniature Hamster Boxes

Once done the miniature animals are packed in sweet boxes with a handwritten message in it.

Hamuco Miniature Hamster - Mushroom

A whole new batch of mushroom hamsters waiting to be packed <3.

Hamuco Miniature Hamster Cute - Straps

Hamuco has teamed up with Kitan Club to create the cutest animal phone straps. You can find them on eBay by looking for Kitan Puff or Kitan Mascot.

You can see more handcrafted critters on Hamuco’s website and Tumblr.