Kawaii Dessert Network Recipes

Looking for some kawaii treats to make yourself? I think you might enjoy the new Kawaii Food Collaboration Network. A couple of food enthusiasts have joined forces to share their ultra cute recipes on Youtube. I would like to introduce you to some of them.

Kawaii Food Dessert Recipes

Giant Kawaii Cupcake Tutorial by Renee. She wasn’t lying when she said ‘giant’, I think this cake calls for a party ^_^

Kawaii Food Dessert Recipes

Kawaii Decorated Donut Cookies by Haniela. These cookies are made to reveal a certain color, but you could apply the donut-colored icing evenly.

Kawaii Food Dessert Recipes

Cute cupcake toppers by Laurapoopie. Laura shows you how to make lollipops, chocolate and other sweets with faces out of gum paste (fondant). I think these would also make nice gifts.

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