Spring Cleaning

Officially it isn’t spring yet, but the weather certainly looks like it. Somehow I got this urge to start cleaning the house. I really enjoy (re-)arranging items and purging things. Metin remarked that it must be spring cleaning. So there you go.


Even birds wouldn’t stop singing yesterday, and I finally managed to capture a silver lining.


Cleaned up the Expedit, but I’m still not a 100% content about it, maybe a couple of drawers would do the trick. Catootje can now sleep in her old basket, lucky for her it’s near the radiator.


Of course I couldn’t just take pictures, this is her ‘you’re near me, so now stroke me prrrease’ look. Usually she’ll also throw her head backwards for a dramatic touch.


Placed these Momiji x Hello Kitty mugs on a shelf. Originally I purchased them as gifts. Somewhere it went wrong… The retro tin holds Cram Cream chopsticks.


The spice rack could use a cute touch as well.


I found this strawberry jug (with lace pattern β₯) in a regular liquor store at a bargain price (O_o). It deserves a spot near the Blythe mugs (^_^)b

bento Boxes Cute Kawaii Sanrio San-x

Someone’s been hoarding bento boxes… To make this collection a little more manageable, I’ve placed them together in one box.

How about you, do you also experience a cleaning urge during ‘springtime’?

3 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. I love your bento boxes ^_^ I occasionally feel the extreme need to clean, but I am a bit of a hoarder and I get distracted easily so it usually takes me days if I am really on a mission πŸ˜›


  2. Take care of your beautiful kitty! Mine passed away today and I’m pretty upset. I decided to come here for a boost and saw those beautiful eyes staring back as I scrolled down. Although I knew I’d miss him dearly, you just never really know how much you’ll miss little paws attacking your toes until they’re gone… :cat:


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