A Love for Music

Sorry for the lack of updates! I promise to make up for it.

At the beginning of this week kao-ani.com was down and it took me quite some time to repair everything and to figure out ways to reduce the server load. The site seems to be doing a bit better now *fingers crossed*. I’ve also been working on the clocks and calendars, so the time will correspond to your current time. They will be up soon.


Last week I took Metin along to see London Grammar. Last year I heard their number Strong and I’ve been hooked ever since. They played at the Melkweg in Amsterdam -which isn’t far from where we live- and we managed to claim a nice spot on the balcony.


London Grammar started the show with ‘Hey Now’ and the crowd instantly fell silent on hearing the powerful voice of Hannah. Sadly during the other songs, people did start talking again, at least on the balcony. I really don’t understand why people don’t just go to a pub to talk? The performance was great though and some numbers even sounded better live than on the album. At one point during the show Hannah referred to Dominic Major as Harry Styles and Metin(!) had to explain to me that he is a member of One Direction… Too bad that they were scheduled for a TV show afterwards and therefore only played for one hour.

Afterwards we walked back to the Central Station, it was quite romantic seeing Amsterdam by night. Our late night snack at the Burger King was also very romantic 😉 I don’t eat a lot of meat, but sometimes I do get a burger craving. It tasted so well (O_o) I stuffed my face with it and even managed to walk back home from the station.


London Grammar also performed at the Itunes Festival, which you can watch here, yay!

Remember the spring cleaning? I decided to place leftover kitchenware on a public bench near our house, with a note saying “for free :)” < including smiley. It was quite fun too see if anything would be taken. There are only a couple of items left now and someone even placed an old keyboard back, haha. This might be a new trend, move over Little Free Library 😉 Good night!

[the second picture above was taken from The Daily Indie]