New Wu & Wu Collection

The lasts posts mentioned Shoujo (Shojo) manga from the 60’s. Ever since Candy Candy was aired in Holland I’ve developed a soft spot for those huge sparkly eyes. So when I spotted the Tokyo Belle bag from Fiona Hewitt I just had to bring it home: Continue reading New Wu & Wu Collection

A Cute Plush Called Cavey

Last December we visited London and that’s where I saw Cavey ‘in real life’ at a lovely shop called Play Lounge. I had to fight the urge to pick up a Cavey Pillow since it’s super soft and ultra cute. Cavey is designed by a plush designer called Holly, who lives in London. Each Cavey is handmade and comes in many breeds. It is willing to travel the world, so maybe you’d like to bring one home 🙂 Or just have a look at the sweet Heycavey website. Continue reading A Cute Plush Called Cavey