Pokemon Go Halloween Event

Pokemon Go Halloween Event

Hello! Remember me? I’m sorry for dropping off the radar for a while. I haven’t forgotten about kao-ani though and new posts are coming up soon!

My life lately consisted of work, a bit of socialising and lots of walking. Yep; this former couch potato has finally found a way to get out of her house. Thanks to Pokemon Go I walk at least an hour each day (O_o).

However I noticed that -at least around my neighbourhood- many people have stopped playing. Too bad, as it was so much fun to hear someone yell “Tentacruel!” and see people rushing towards the park (^_^) But good news! From today until November 1st you can enjoy the Pokemon Go Halloween Event.


Drowzee, Ghastly, Zubat, Cubone, Meowth and their evolutions will appear on almost every corner of the street these days! I’ve already managed to catch Marowak and have finally been able to evolve Haunter into Gengar.

The double candy rewards are also a good excuse to get walking again:
★ 6 instead of 3 candies for catching a Pokemon
★ 2 instead of 1 candy for transferring a Pokemon
★ double candies for hatching an egg
★ 4 instead of 1 candy for walking with your Buddy Pokemon

I received 42 Dratini candies from my 10KM egg today, so Dragonite is finally within my reach. The extra Buddy Pokemon candies are also great, especially since some Pokemon require sooo much walking.

Will you join this Halloween Event? I has certainly sparked my interest in the game again.


These cute 3D Pokemon are made by Pit Baldriz, check out his Instagram and Etsy shop for more!

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  1. I really like your website, It makes me feel super nostalgic. Keep it up! ⭐

    ps. These 3d pokemon illustrations are so cute! :heart:


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