Dendennis amigurumi story book


A couple of months ago Metin and I visited Dendennis in his studio. He had just released a new DIY amigurumi book and Metin created the illustrations for the accompanying stories. I might be a bit biased, but I think that they both did a great job!


The books is partially meant for children as each of the amigurumis go on a small adventure. In the story pictured above Dinobluerus (Dinoblauwdus) finds it hard to sleep without Caveman, his favourite pet toy. Metin made the awesome 3D illustrations for these stories:



Dendennis started to crochet about 3½ years ago with the aid of his mother and by watching Youtube tutorials. It didn’t take long for him to create his own patterns and since then he has released five(!) amigurumi books, including one called ‘kawaii crocheting’. I think this is a great accomplishment, since I’m just starting to learn how to chrochet and am still stuck at making a magic ring… Sadly the books are not available in English yet, but you can find some free English patterns on the website.


Dennis brought his amigurumis from the book along and they were so well made! I fell head over heals for Nightmare (Nachtmerrie), as you can see she’s quite large and it will take you about 8.670 stitches -a.k.a. many hours- to make her.



The book ‘Dendennis zoekt zijn knuffel’ is available through and Hop over to Issuu if you would like to see an online preview of the book.