Japan Candy Box May Review & Giveaway


I think you might have hear of the Japan Candy Box by now, as it is quite popular! I’ve reviewed one last year and when Blippo asked me if I wanted to try their latest box, I jumped to the occasion. The first thing I noticed is that the box now comes in a sweet print, and it seemed like the postman was reluctant to hand it over (^_−)☆



I was really excited to find a pack of Milky Peko x Sanrio Chocolates included, since I was already planning on buying one. The package and designs are just so cute.



Sadly the chocolate arrived melted, so I received one big block of Sanrio characters… Mika from Japan Candy Box told me that unfortunately this sometimes happens when the package gets very hot during transit or in storage. She kindly offered to send me another pack of chocolates. If your box ever contains melted chocolates or another faulty item, just get in touch and you will receive a replacement as well.

Oh, I did manage to munch on a piece of the strawberry chocolate and it was yummy!


The Meiji Mini Grape Gummies taste both sweet and sour, just the way I like it.


These Calbee Potato Vegetable Snacks were a bit different from what I expected. Normally snacks are salty, but these tasted quite natural and they weren’t greasy. IMHO the taste was a bit bland, otherwise it would have been a nice light snack.


I had never heard of Kabaya Karipori Candy Sticks before, but these were a lot of fun. Inside you’ll find 6 wrapped packets, each containing two candy sticks. The sticks come in grape and cola flavour and are a little hard and chewy, unlike Pocky sticks. The karipori candy even gives a slightly fizzy sensation in your mouth like with real soda.


More cola-flavoured candy, yay! I’ve yet got to try them, but I do like cola in general, so I’m happy these were inside the box.


Rainbow coloured sea creatures, where have you been all my life? This DIY Kracie Sea Animals Gummy Kit looks very promising. It even comes with a sea-world backdrop, so I hope to take more pictures of the crafted candy soon (keep an eye on Instagram if you’re interested ^_^).


The Kasugai Fruit Juice Gummies do not only look cute, it might even be one of the candies that I enjoyed most. They are made from 100% pure fruit juice with no artificial colours or flavours and reminded me a bit of the fish gummies. If you order the Kasugai Gummies directly from Blippo, you’ll receive all five fruit flavours.


The Bourbon Pizza Rice Crackers were far from natural and actually contained some e-numbers, so it was a bit of a guilty pleasure. I can recommend this snack though, it’s delicious!

P.S. if you’d like to order one of the candies or other items from Blippo.com feel free to use the code KAWAIILOVE for a 10% discount.

Japan Candy Box Giveaway ☆

Would you like to try a Japan Candy Box as well? Feel free to enter the rafflecopter below! You can fill as many entries as you wish. The more entries you get, the better your chances of winning are. The raffle will end on May the 14th and the winner -who is chosen at random- will receive a free Japan Candy Box. Good luck to everyone!

*this giveaway has ended*

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