Kawaii Japanese Snack Finds in Amsterdam

Whenever I’m in Amsterdam I usually stop by Toko Dun Yong. This is a Chinese supermarket near the Central Station, where you can find lots of Asian food, snacks and kitchenware. This time I discovered some new Japanese snacks in their assortment and would like to share them with you (visually that is ;)).


I remember the package of this snack from the interwebs and was so happy to see ‘in real live’! I sorted through the packages to find the nicest one -compulsive blogger tendencies- while Metin kindly waited for me β₯

So what is this Tohato Caramel Corn all about? The snack itself looks a bit like fried shrimps, so I feared the worst. BUT I can honestly say that I really enjoyed the taste, it’s sweet (although not too sweet) and the texture feels nice as well. I’ll definitely pick up another pack of Strawberry Caramel Corn on my next trip.


Next up are two packs of Morinaga Bolu-Chan Planet candy:



With the white Bolu-Chans I expected a mint flavor, but I still haven’t got a clue what they are supposed to taste like. The chew candy tasted artificial and it stuck to my teeth, so this might not be the best choice healthwise πŸ˜‰
The darker Bolu-Chans taste like cola and I prefer them over the undefined white ones. But I think this is a candy you can do without, although the illustrated packages look great.

At the candy shelf I also noticed that Dun Yong now sells some Kracie DIY candy kits! I still have a couple of DIY kits at home, so that’s why I decided to buy a pack of Kracie Puchitto Kudamono Grape Candy:



Upon opening the package I noticed a strong (slightly chemical) grape scent. Inside you’ll discover 10 snacks shaped like a bunch of grapes. Now the fun part is that you can actually pull the grapes off ^_^ The candy tastes both sweet and sour which I enjoyed, but it might not be for everyone. Also I wouldn’t recommend eating the whole bag at once, because my sugar level already spiked after eating one bunch of grapes with a couple of Bolu-Chans.

Other snacks -from Toko Dun Yong or similar shops- that I can recommend are Koala’s March cookies, Wasabi Snack Jacks en Pizza Pretz.


What is your favourite Asian candy or snack?

4 thoughts on “Kawaii Japanese Snack Finds in Amsterdam

  1. Ooo nice! Thank you so much for the tip! :heart: I just moved to the Netherlands and don’t know a lot of good Asian supermarkets here yet. Will definitely check this out if I go to Amsterdam some day πŸ™‚


    1. Welcome in the Netherlands Nina ^_^
      Most towns have got a ‘toko’ (=small Asian supermarket), so there might be one near you. If you happen to go to Amsterdam, I can really recommend Dun Yong and on your way there you can also visit Wah Kiu.


  2. Too bad I didn’t run into this shop during my stay in Amsterdam in January! I like to try new candies and cookies from the Asian supermarket when I visit one. Those koala biscuits are actually my favorite. I don’t know how many flavors of it exist, but I’ve only had the chocolate and strawberry version before. They’re both super tasty. ^_^


    1. I hope you get to visit the Toko on your next trip to Amsterdam! And I haven’t tried the strawberry koala biscuits before, thanks for the tip, I might get them next time :cake:


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