Super Cute Kawaii Awards


Over at Super Cute Kawaii you can suggest your favorite cute characters, brands, shops, makers and bloggers of 2015. During this round for nominations you can add up to 5 suggestions for each category. The top 5-10 choices will make it to round 2, where you get to vote for the final winner.
Why should you join? Because we’re curious to see what your kawaii interests are and you’ll also have a chance to win some super cute prizes!

One of the prizes in the ‘SCK Writers Prize Pack’ is this necklace from my kawaiijewelry shop:

And this SCK badge set from Marceline:

But you can also win a ‘Kawaii Surprise Pack’ filled with kawaii candy, stationery & plush or a ‘Character Prize Pack’ with a rare Sumikko Gurashi squishy and a plush from the top 3 characters.

So hurry up, there are still a few days left to nominate your favourites. You can also nominate my blog, but don’t feel obliged ^_^ Thank you very much for participating!