Looking back on 2015

Honestly I can’t believe that 2015 is already coming to an end, some months seem to have passed in a blur. There weren’t any major milestones for me in 2015, but I did learn new webdesign skills and welcomed new clients, so I’m very grateful for that. You can see a few of the projects that I’ve been working on below:



Also I really enjoyed writing posts for Super Cute Kawaii, something that I will continue to do next year. In my free time I tried to take on a few new projects, such as learning how to work with polymer clay and how to ice cookies. Nothing major πŸ˜‰ but I do have fun doing both.


The past year wasn’t all highlights, sadly we recently found out that my dad is seriously ill. Luckily it can be treated but the recovery will be a long and difficult road with no (hard) guarantees. So I really hope for the best ❀
I don’t want to go into more details and probably won’t write about it again. But I thought it would be fair to mention it in this post, since life doesn’t come without struggles and this does affect me (and my loved ones).

  • My New Years Resolutions:
  • Walking more often together with Metin
  • Spending more time with friends & family
  • Finally updating the Kawaii Jewelry Shop with new necklaces
  • Learning how to crochet (I covet all those great amigurumi toys)
  • Trying out new recipes and hopefully making some cute recipes for kao-ani as well
  • Photographing more often, which includes updating my Instagram regularly

Thank you all very much for visiting kao-ani and I hope that 2016 will bring you love, good health, great experiences and lots of luck!

3 thoughts on “Looking back on 2015

  1. Sorry to hear your Dad is feeling ill I hope that he goes under treatment and recovers well. Most of this year passed by in a blur for me as well I honestly believe that 2015 was the year that passed by quickest and that was also the hardest for me. Your iced cookies are so cute and I’m proud of the achievements that you’ve made with your web design. Keep it up!

    Wishing you many blessings for this new year. ❀ :cake::donut::star::sun::heart:


    1. Sophie, thank you so much for your sweet comment! I really hope that 2016 will be a better year for you and that you can make lots of good (and kawaii) memories ^_^. ❀
      My dad's treatment is going well, but he does have side effects. It will take another month of treatments and then we'll hopefully soon know the results.


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