Kapibarasan 10th Anniversary


Have you ever seen a Capybara? It’s the largest rodent in the world and I wouldn’t mind petting one. Kapibarasan -a Japanese cute character based on the capybara- will be turning 10 this year, so it’s time to celebrate!

Kapibarasan - Art Fes

Starting today a special exhibition will be held at the Isetan Department Store (2F) in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Fourteen artists have made their own interpretation of Kapibara-san for the Design Art Fes. And you can also find new merchandise (plushies and mascots <3) at the store. I’d love to attend the exhibition, but since Japan is not exactly around the corner I’ve scoured the internet for a couple of the featured illustrations.

Kapibarasan - Art Fes

An impression of what the exhibition will look like.

Kapibarasan - Art Fes Yurie Sekiya

Yurie Sekya’s has somehow managed to make Kabirasan even cuter with her entry!

Kapibarasan - Art Fes Wisut Ponnimit

Wisut Ponnimit is a manga and animation artist from Thailand. I had not heard of Wisut before, but really like her style.

Kapibarasan - Art Fes Mori Chack

Gloomy Bear (by Mori Chack) is on a demolition tour again and uses Bunny Hanyo to tie up a stash of Kapibarasans :D.

Kapibarasan - Plush

I haven’t listed the special anniversary items here, but you can find them at the official website. One of the newest plushes that I might need in my life is this Capybara with keyboard that you can use as an armrest. I wonder how comfortable it will be IRL, since I clearly remember how hard it is to work with Cato on my lap while reaching for the keyboard… But you can detach Kapibarasan from the armrest, which would be great for a quick nap behind your desk as well πŸ˜‰ If anyone knows where to get this plush please do share it in the comments and you’ll be my friend forever.


Decorate your desktop with cute anniversary wallpaper or read the backstory on the Kapibarasan website.

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  1. Ahh I wish I could go to this, I love Kapibarasan ;_;
    A lot of characters are having their anniversaries this year, Miffy too.


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