80’s Childhood Toys

80s toys childhood

Yesterday I started the daunting task of helping my parents to declutter their home. One afternoon, five garbage bags and eight boxes later we’ve still got a long way to go (O_o) But I came across some nice childhood memories that I would like to share with you.

80s toys childhood - miniature rainbow radio

1. This miniature radio actually works, you just plug in a headphone and turn the dial to tune in. You can probably tell by the happy-rainbow-sun that it was made in the 80’s. I also had a Walkman and fake Sony Sports radio that I’d like to listen to after bedtime.

80s toys childhood - clickets magnetic marbles

2. Remember the Clickets? These magnetic marbles were huge in the Netherlands, but also found their way overseas in America and Japan. Basically it were plastic balls with a magnet inside that you could connect to make a chain or even a tower. Hundreds of millions of these Clickets were produced in a factory (would you believe that each magnet was placed by hand?) but sadly in the end it financially ruined the inventor 😦 I can remember that I was really fond of them, especially this golden Clicket. Do watch this official Dutch news item about it, the footage is super retro.

3. I was happy to find my old Tenza label maker and have to get some embossing tape to start labeling everything.

80s toys childhood - shojo pencil

4. Look at this cute miniature pencil with shoujo manga print! I loved Candy Candy during those days and had some Sanrio stationery as well.

80s toys childhood - rainbow pencil with popples stickers

5. I might have hoarded pencils during my childhood and this ‘pop-a-point crayon’ provided all the colors of the rainbow. You pulled out the first point and placed it in the back to get a new color. Very cute, but not so handy when you needed the last color… These swap point crayons seem to be making a come-back on eBay.


If you are a child of the 80’s yourself, you might recognize the Popples sticker booklet ^_^ Everything that was even remotely popular during those days got turned into stickers.

4 thoughts on “80’s Childhood Toys

  1. Omg Popples!! I have the pink one in the bottom left corner. I should do a childhood toys post or vlog myself sometime. Definitely feel inspired now haha. :heart:


  2. wow, some of these take me back. I was born late 80s but got really into stickers. I had a whole collection stuck to my bedroom door. I was crushed the day my mum replaced it!


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