Magnetic Sakura Tree Clip DIY

Kawaii Magnetic Sakura Tree Clip - paper holder

A number of unpleasant events have affected me and the people close to me lately. Luckily things seem to be taking a turn for the better now. But I felt the need to make something super happy to cheer me up. And since I really enjoy sakura (cherry blossom) it wasn’t that hard to decide (^_^)

My printer needs new ink (and the shops are closed today), so I’ve used colored paper instead of the template. The idea to use magnet tape originally comes from Wild Olive.

  • You will need:
  • White sturdy paper or thin card (A4 size)
  • Printer
  • Pair of scissors
  • Exacto knife + cutting mat
  • Glue
  • Ruler
  • Magnetic Tape (Hema / Walmart / Amazon)

1. Download theΒ Sakura Clip Template.
2. Print the template on some sturdy white or light colored paper, set the print size to A4.
3. Cut out the blossom and a set of branches of your choice.
4. Use an exacto knife and ruler to cut the tree trunk along the sides.
5. Fold the tree trunk in half, along the dashed lines.

DIY Sakura Tree Clip - step 1

6. Glue the brenches to the inner (white) side of the trunk and apply a piece of magnetic tape over it.

DIY Sakura Tree Clip - step 2

7. Cut another piece of magnetic tape and place it with the sticky side up on the first magnet piece. Now fold the tree trunk closed so this second piece of magnetic tape will stick to it.

DIY Sakura Tree Clip - step 3

8. Position the sakura on top of the trunk -I’ve used about 2 cm of the top- and glue it down. You could use a piece of washi tape (on the inside of the trunk to the back of the sakura) to secure it.

DIY Sakura Tree Clip - magnetic

Use your Sakura Clip to store pieces of paper between the trunk. Or put it one the fridge to hold your recipes and reminders, either with a string (through a hole in the top) or magnet.

DIY Sakura Tree Clip - Bookmark kawaii

Your clip can also be used as a bookmark πŸ™‚

DIY Sakura Tree Clip - Kawaii Bookmarki

I hope this craft will bring a smile to your face, have a sunny day!

2 thoughts on “Magnetic Sakura Tree Clip DIY

  1. It almost seems like April has been a bad month for everyone. I really hope that you’ve been feeling better and have you and your family in my prayers. I will definitely print out this kawaii sakura tree you made this week I definitely need some cheering up so whenever I look at it I will try to smile. ❀



    1. Dear Sophie, I read on your blog what has happened and I’m very sorry for your loss. I can only imagine how hard it must be. Lots of hugs back ❀ (p.s. I'll send you an e-mail)


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