Song Sweet Song

Song Sweet Song - Chocolate Cat Cake

Song Sweet Song from Thailand creates dishes that are almost too cute to eat. Her Instagram is filled with chara bento, cookies, desserts and other delicious pictures. It’s clear that she spends a lot of effort on making and arranging the sweet treats.

Song Sweet Song - Happy Omelet

This sunny side up egg crepe would be a great way to start the day.

Song Sweet Song - Kawaii Kitten Toast

Kitten toast with maple syrup (=◕ω◕=)

Song Sweet Song - Cute Panda Toast

3D panda toast on a rainy day. You can find this bread shaper on Jbox and Song Sweet Song has shared some of the recipes on her blog.

She’s also quite skilled at icing cookies, which you can custom order in Thailand.

3 thoughts on “Song Sweet Song

  1. I hope one day I find the patience to create kawaii food and bento myself. That crepe is definitely my favorite out of all of them having that smiley egg look up at me like that would definitely make my day. Thanks for sharing this artist info! :heart:


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