Dongman the Cat


Today I’d like to introduce you to Chinese characters called Dongman. It features ZaZa the fluffy white rabbit, CC Cat and HuHu the mischievous tribal tiger. I believe that the characters are mainly being used on a website with learning tools, like in this cute chart with Japanese food.

Dongman Bunny  ZaZa

ZaZa with a carrot bag, the internet is complete.

Dongman Emoticons

The Dongman website is in Chinese, but don’t let that scare you. Thanks to the English menu you can find a lot of kawaii goodies on it. Such as desktop wallpapers and a great set of cat emoticons.

cat emoticon If there are any other official kawaii characters or emoticons that you can recommend, please do let me know (=^Ο‰^=) A certain white kitty is calling for my attention now, I hope you enjoyed this read!

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