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Recently a friend shared a mini food shrimp tempura video with me. I didn’t know what to expect, but was instantly mesmerized by the tiny stove which actually works! The person behind Miniature Space manages to create tiny edible dishes with miniature kitchen utensils. Since he’s Japanese you’ll get to learn something about preparing Asian dishes, but foremost the videos are extremely cute:


Look at how tiny this edible miniature sushi is!


Miniature Space has prepared this stack of miniature hot cakes ❀ Hot cakes are a popular breakfast treat in Japan, they are a bit fluffier than European or American pancakes. If you'd like to make regular sized ones at home, than Cooking with Dog will help you out.


But wait there’s more! A Finnish girl also creates miniature edible dishes, under the name of AkameruKawaii. In fact I think she might have started the craze, or was an early adapter. She mentions the ingredients in her videos, so you can create the tiny treats at home, not all of them use a miniature stove or oven. Above you see a tiny red velvet Valentine cake and you should really check out her tiny Thanksgiving dinner.

Now all that’s missing is someone eating those tiny meals, and that’s what Tiny Hamster and his friends are good at (βˆ—^Ο‰^βˆ—).



In case you haven’t seen it yet: watch tiny hamster eating a tiny burrito or his friend the hedgehog celebrating his birthday at Youtube.

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