Sanrio’s newest deer: Hummingmint


Move over Deery-Lou, Sanrio has made way for a new deer called Hummingmint. To be honest I like this character better than Deery Lou, since she’s got a more subtle look and doesn’t look like a deer in the headlights. The story goes that Hummingmint was born in Norway and that’s what the image below it about:


Honestly I’ve got no clue to what this text says (O_o), but a Tumblr picture helped out:

Hummingmint was born at night with Aurora in the North. She is a female fawn.
Hummingmint likes singing, she also likes fruits and fashion.
In addition she likes the forest. She is full of curiosity with a tender heart.
Ah! It seems that she has a nice discovery in the forest today!

Well that clears thing up, I mean what deer doesn’t like singing and fashion, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰


Sanrio has released a plethora of Hummingmint merchandise and I love the retro look! But most of all I’d like to get my hands on the plush version:


You can find the items on eBay and the official Japanese Hummingmint page.

3 thoughts on “Sanrio’s newest deer: Hummingmint

  1. Hi! Just found your blog. I love how kawaii it is! I never knew the name of this fawn, Hummingmint (saw the character multiple times when I lived in Japan), but then I read that story in my language, Finnish. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Tumblr text gives you a hint what the text says. The “exact” text would go something like this:
    *The forest of discoveries smiles (or is smiling)”
    A female fawn Hummingmint was born on a night, when mint green northern lights were glowing beautifully.
    Hummingmint loves singing.
    She loves fruits and fashion.
    And she loves the forest of discoveries.
    She’s really curious and fearless, but also really gentle.
    She may have found something lovely today.


    1. Hi Veylona!
      Thank you very much for your sweet comment and the translation! It’s much appreciated ^_^ The text about Hummingmint sounds so cute and magical.


  2. Omg I’m from finland and that text (“Tyttรถvasa hummingmint…”) is finnish ๐Ÿ˜€ Where you found it? The link doens’t work.

    By the way, the right translate is:

    “A female fawn Hummingmint was born at night with mint green Aurora flamed beautifully in the North.

    Hummingmint loves singing and she also loves fruits and fashion.

    In addition she lokes the forest of discoveries. She is full of curiosity but she has a gentle heart.
    Ah! It seems that she has found something wonderful today!”


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