Kawaii Shop Japan has reopened!


Just a small reminder that Kawaii Shop Japan has reopened today. Usually popular items from the small & tiny section will sell out within a blink of an eye, but you might have luck in finding the above Usadango Bunny Mascot.


The sticker sacks section is one of my favorites! The stickers are priced super reasonably and they do brighten my day.


This Summikogurashi tape has also deserved a place on my wish list.


I’ve purchased the above chocolate pen case last year and am very pleased with it. So I’d suggest to order the case along if you like it, there’s still one left.


Ohw, a poofy birds notepad! What’s not to like?

I’m not sponsored by Kawaii Shop Japan, but it is one of my favorite shops and the owner (Mikki) is always very friendly. Usually you’ll also receive cute tiny notepapers in your package as gift! So I thought the shop deserved a little plug (^_^)

2 thoughts on “Kawaii Shop Japan has reopened!

  1. Hello! 😀 Thank you for this review. I have placed an order in their shop a few hours ago. Just wondering, how long does it take for them to reply? Thanks a lot. :>


    1. Hello Jean ^_^ The shop is quite popular (I am a regular customer myself ;)) and therefor it usually takes Miki about 1 day (24 hours) to reply. I hope you’ll enjoy your order!


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