Sorry for the long break!

I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted in a while! My excuse? It has got something to do with switching computers and a lot of work after the Holidays. Which is very unusual for January, but I can’t complain ^_^

I did write guests posts for Super Cute Kawaii, which Marceline has scheduled on Tuesday(s). Also you can expect a regular posting schedule on after this weekend.

For now I would like to ask your attention for a Kickstarter project from a friend of mine. Yasmin wants to kickstart a full colour comic book of 48 pages, and she’s getting close to reaching her goal, yay! I already own a smaller comic book of Luna and it looks great.


The comic shows the daily struggles of a grumpy space vampire called Luna. You might have even encountered some of those struggles yourself as earthling (⌒_⌒;). Fortunately Luna has got a bunch of odd friends, colleagues and strangers to occasionally help her out.

This is Luna when she meets Moopsy -her chubby pet worm- for the first time:


Curious to see how this story ends? Check Luna’s Tumblr to find out.


Maybe you’d like to pledge as well if you are into creepy cute characters. For as little as €5 you’ll receive a PDF of the comic book (along with Yasmin’s eternal gratitude) and €10 will earn you a physical copy!

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