Nice Books on Japanese Culture


Today I’ve picked some nice reads for you, that are great if you’d like to learn a little more about Japan and Tokyo.

1. Moshi Moshi Tokyo
In this book Kyary Pamyu Pamyu shows her favorite spots and shops in Tokyo. For each of the shops you’ll see a selection of kawaii items and the address with Google map. It’s from 2012, so make sure to check the current addresses if you are planning to visit Tokyo.

There’s a free preview on Itunes, that lets you read up through the first half of the Harajuku section. You can’t read the whole book through the app yet, but I hope it will become available in the near future. You can buy the Japanese version of the book at CD Japan for about $10,-

2. Tokyo Tales
Each of the stories in Tokyo Tales will give you a little insight in the lives of Japanese people. The writer (Renae Lucas Hall) has studied Japanese and lived in Japan for two years.


So far I’ve read the first story -about a kawaii fashion shop- and it was a really nice, light read. I also liked the illustrations by Yoshimi Ohtani. The e-book is available at Amazon and iBooks, for about $3,-

3. Hello Kitty’s Guide to Japan
This is a guide that I haven’t read, but it looks promising. Hello Kitty will teach you basic Japanese words and shows what to expect when visiting Japan. You can buy the book for $19,50 at JBOX


4. A Year in Japan
Kate T. Williamson has spent a year in japan and describes her observations in this book, with handwritten text and lovely watercolor illustrations. I’ve had this book for a couple of years and still like to take a look in it from time to time ^_^. You can buy it from $14,- at Amazon or


5. I Live in Tokyo
This is actually a children’s book, but it’s a nice quick read if you’d like to know more about Japanese traditions and festivals. I Live in Tokyo is available for $7,- at Amazon and other book stores.


Feel free to share your book recommendations in the comments!