Blippo Kawaii Shop Review


Recently I received a small box with kawaii goodies from Blippo. You might know Blippo from the popular Kawaii Box, but they also sell kawaii plushes, magazines, straps, candy, bags and much more.


After you’ve placed an order, you’ll receive an e-mail with a list of your items and the shipping date. My package arrived in a week from Singapore 🙂 All the items came securely packed in a small cardboard box with a cute hand-drawn cat on top. Inside the package I found a Blippo hanger and thank you card.



The first item that I picked was this Hello Kitty Pen. I like the design because it looks cute, but not too childish. The pen comes in four different pastel colours, each with a sweet charm hanging from the cap.


The pen feels sturdy and I was surprised to find out that it’s actually a fineliner! The tip of the pen is thin at 0,38mm and it will write in black. It has definitely earned a place on my desk.


Well, you can probably tell why I wanted a HogeHoge Bunny Plush Charm. This bunny is actually part of the Amuse line, like Alpacasso, but I hadn’t heard of it before. At Amuse you can find a little more info about the HogeHoge characters, apparently they are lazy and that’s why they are so round. Perfect!


Only now I notice that the Panda and Pig are missing a leg on the drawing, weird… Okay on to the review: the bunny is super soft and measures about 6 cm. The strap itself is a little elastic and you can use the bottom of the plush to clean the screen of your phone. Both the embroidering as the bow look very detailed. I’m actually thinking about getting the cat as well.


Next up is the all-mighty Panda Pocky. I received the limited Cookie & Cream edition. Upon opening I noticed that the Pocky sticks were stuck together and that a couple of them were broken. But I guess this might be a problem of having Pocky Sticks shipped, I know that packages often get tossed around.


I carefully unstuck the sticks and tried them, luckily they still tasted crunchy (^_^). The Cookie & Cream flavour was very nice as well. I’m not a big fan of white chocolate, but this had a more delicate taste to it, not too sweet. Also I really liked the happy panda wrapper.



This post was kindly sponsored by Blippo and they will also offer a giveaway! So keep an eye on if you want to win your own kawaii items (★^O^★)

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