Kawaii Japanese Food Cravings

First of all, I’m sorry for the lack of posts these last couple of weeks. I had been migraine free for 2 months (the bliss), but it suddenly came back with a vengeance. Luckily it’s over now, but I’m still left with stiff aching muscles, this is probably what being 80 must feel like 😉 I have decided to cut back on computer time a bit and hope that everything will be back to normal soon.

Today I would like to share some nice treats from the land of the rising sun with you.




I’m a big fan of latte art, but too lazy to actually create it. Takara Tomy came up with a great idea. They invented ready made Deco Latte sheets. Simply place a sheet on top of your hot drink, admire it and wait for it to melt. Very sweet! The Deco Latte will be released on December the first for 500 yen. (source)



Ikumi Nakao, the woman behind those adorable animal donuts, has recently released a book! It contains recipes and instructions for homemade animal donuts, accompanied by mouthwatering pictures. At the moment the book is available on Amazon Japan, but I hope it will get translated and find it’s way overseas.


I would purchase this Rilakkuma furikake just for the package alone. In it you’ll find a sticker sheet and 20 sachets of furikake to spice up your bento rice, with flavors such as egg and salmon. Jbox sells the furikake package for $4,50.


This giant rainbow pocky made me squeal with delight. But to be honest I thought the price at TofuCute was a little too high to justify a purchase. Maybe I’ll try this rainbow pocky Youtube tutorial instead.

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