Affordable DIY Felt Craft Kits


Recently I discovered some cute felt kits from Sunfelt on HLJ. There are surprisingly affordable for Y500 (about $4,50). It’s a nice way to try out needle felting, because you’ll receive the right amount of wool felt and a set of eyes. However you’ll probably need some practice and patience to get a nice result, otherwise you might end up with something like this. Bonus points if you can see where it went wrong ;).



These are the contents of the traveling squirrel kit, including Japanese instructions. All you need to get started are a felting needle and felting mat.


Look at this sweet wool felt penguin with bucket ❀


Another craft item that I stumbled upon was a Rilakuma felt book! The image above is from the Korean website Yes 24, where you can preview a large amount of pages from the book. Next to crocheting, wool felting is also high on my want-to-learn list now ^_^



If you are looking for a wider range of kits to choose from, then 1127 Handcrafter might be just the Etsy shop for you. They sell the kawaii squirrel felt kit as pictured above. You can can also find him and other cute critters (check out the alpaca’s!) in this wool felt craft book, which is partly in English.

3 thoughts on “Affordable DIY Felt Craft Kits

  1. OMG the penguin is so cute, I love it so much. Definitely will make it part from my christmas decoration this year. Thank you so much :heart:


  2. I had seen a video of felting for the first time a few weeks ago on “Kawaii Cloud” and absolutely fell in love. I had seen the little felt figures before but had no idea how they were made. Thank you for sharing the links hopefully when my work situation is better I can order a couple. ;):sun:


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