Halloween Bento and Sushi

Are you planning to throw a Japanese Halloween party? These halloween-themed bento and sushi snacks will surely impress your guests! And if you’d rather retreat inside your bat cave (like me), you can snack on them while watching scary movies.


Lil’ Ghost Sushi Rolls, an easy to follow Cookpad recipe if you would like to try your hands at sushi art. These natural bento coloring tips can help you to create orange or pink rice.

halloween bento

Mari Miyazawa shows you how to make Dracula and Frankenstein bento. You could also just make the mini pumpkins, simply created out of small mandarin oranges with a drawn on face. Check out Mari’s Youtube channel for more Halloween lunch ideas.


Pumpkin Kitty & Boo Halloween Bento by Little Miss Bento. I love that kawaii egg moon!


Happy halloween bento by Naohaha. This should be quite simple to recreate, with cupcake liners, some nori, rice, and carrots (οΌΎΟ‰οΌΎ).


Pirate bears and ghost sandwiches created by Akino Ichigo. The recipes are in Japanese, but there are plenty of pictures to guide you.
Is all this cooking and eating making you feel thirsty? Here’s a simple Pumpkin drink DIY.

3 thoughts on “Halloween Bento and Sushi

  1. These are some really, really cool ideas! I know some of them from Instagram but the japanese happy face sushi is amazing! Can’t wait to try it! Thank you so much Kao-Ani πŸ™‚ :cake::heart:


  2. Happy Halloween! Those bentos are so cute I’m hopefully going to be making bat cookies this weekend a little bit late but my health will finally allow it.


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