Get Comfortable with these Cute Cushions

If you are a couchpotato, like yours truly, your back will probably thank you for having a cushion at hand. I’ve got a Hello Kitty shaped cushion propped up in my computer chair. It ads a little bit of cuteness and is very comfortable. Although she starts to resemble Hell Kitty by now, because the filling is starting to shift πŸ˜‰

I’ve selected some cute and kawaii cushions for you:


1. Mochi Kitty Pillow by Chibibunny. Zazzle also has many other pillows in store.
2. Cupcake Pillow by Mymimi, a shop that has been around for a long time ^_^
3. Comfort Food Macaron from Squishable. If only it was available in the Netherlands :/.
4. Mystic Girl Cushion Cover by illustrator Otoe.
5. Sugar Hotel Mushroom Cushion on Artbox.


These Pusheen pillows are also easy on the eyes. I suspect they aren’t original Pusheen releases and might not look as good in real life, but you can get them for a decent price at this eBay shop.

Kawaii Plush Cotton Food - Watermelon

Oh, and let’s not forget the delicious sweet Cotton Food Pillows!
Which pillow would you pick as cozy companion?