Felt Ghost Craft with Pattern


  • You’ll need:
  • Kawaii ghost template PDF
  • Felt (half a sheet of white and some pieces of pink, blue & black)
  • Strong fine cotton thread (white and pink)
  • Embroidery thread (black)
  • Hole punch or safety eyes
  • Needle
  • Pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • Ribbon

1. Cut out the printed ghost pattern and trace it onto white felt with colored pencil. You can turn the ‘body’ part around and trace it again for the back of the ghost.


2. Use a perforator/hole punch to create eyes out of black felt. Glue them down to the front of the ghost. I think small black buttons or safety eyes would also work well.
3. Stitch a smiling mouth to the ghost with black embroidery thread. I used about 4-5 stitches for this, but as you can see I’m not very skilled at embroidering yet 😉


4. Place the arms into your desired position and glue them down.
5. Cutify your ghost with a hat or bow and some ribbon.
For the girly ghost I cut the bow out of a strip of folded felt. If you’d rather work with a pattern, have a look at this nice DIY bow from Oliver + S.


6. Stitch a hanger to the inside of the back part. You can use charm straps for this, but a piece of ribbon would also work to turn your ghost into a hanger.
7. Stitch the body parts together, using a whip stitch or blanket stitch.


Your ghost is done, woohoo booo! You can also skip part 6 to turn your ghost into a brooch or hair pin


Want a little blush on your girly ghost? Mix up a bit of red and white chalk pastel and gently apply it with a q-tip, sweet!