Japanese Deco Cake Roll Patterns

Recently I stumbled upon the website of Belle Maison, a large Japanese online shopping mall. Some of their products feature cute illustrations of frogs, tigers and peanuts. They’ve also placed these characters on their free printables, such as deco roll patterns!

Japanese deco roll pattern free

Cute deco roll DIY

For this recipe I’ve replaced the Japanese text with English instructions. It will give you a little insight on how to make a deco cake roll. And if you’d like more detailed instructions, I can recommend taking a look at the swiss roll cake recipe on Cakecentral.

Cute deco roll pattern - Halloween

How about these ultra cute cake roll patterns, for your Japanese Halloween party? You can also find patterns for a birthday and Christmas cake on that page.

Cute printable deco roll pattern - Halloween

Don’t worry if you’ve a tendency to burn food and rather stay away from the kitchen. In that case you might enjoy the free stickers & labels from Belle Maison, such as these autumn themed stickers:

Cute Japanese stickers autumn

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