Fluffy House

While browsing through the app store I stumbled upon a puzzle game called Fluffy Coffee. The easy gameplay and cute illustrations quickly won me over. The publisher turned out to be Fluffy House, a small company that creates adorable characters. Upon closer inspection I realized that I had seen some of their characters, such as Miss Rainbow and “I Am Okay”, already. While browsing through their shop I might have squealed a few times and I’m seriously considering to get my paws on an Ordinary Bear and Naughty Rabbit set.

Fluffy House - Cute Vinyl Toy

Miss Rainbow loves little animals and likes to hang out with her pal called Little Raindrop.

Fluffy House - Cute Vinyl Toy

Ordinary Bear takes care of others and you can often find him in his kitchen, where he prepares the best meals.

Fluffy House - Cute Kawaii Game

The Fluffy Coffee puzzle game is completely free and available for both <a title="Fluffy Coffee" href="Apple and Android. You help MR. White Cloud to take care of his shop and will earn wallpapers in return. It’s a relaxing and quick gameplay, so I can recommend it ^_^.

Fluffy House - Cute Vinyl Toy

Fluffy House - Cute Vinyl Toy

The character toys from left to right: Ordinary Bear, Mr. White Cloud, Chicky (comes with Miss Rainbow), Little Raindrop and Miss Rainbow. Not pictured here is the new “I AM OK” figure set, a collaboration with Bubi Au Yeung. You might know her from Treeson.

Fluffy House - Ordinary Bear and Naughty Rabbit

This is the Ordinary Bear and naughty Rabbit set. These toys will set you back $39.90 plus a small amount of shipping costs. I think they will be a great excuse to dust off my Re-ment (Japanese miniatures) collection. Oh and if you happen to be in the online Fluffy House Shop, have a look at the costumes section, those are so cute!
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