Huiro’s Llama Emoticons

Are you fond of alpacas? Then I’m sure you can appreciate Llama, a fluffy character created by Chinese illustrator Huiro.


Llama can be found as a cartoon, animation and even a plush version! Most of the times you’ll see a brown and white llama, accompanied by a tiny piece of happy grass :heart: . To me Llama looks a little bit like a combination of Pusheen and Sumikko, what do you think?



The free Llama emoticons are very well animated and come in many variations. I’m a fan of them! They are available on Huiro’s Tumblr (scroll down a bit).


These plushes measure a whopping 60cm and you can get them through Taobao.


Huiro’s Llama’s can be found on his Deviantart, Tumblr and Weibo account, enjoy!

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