Sugar Craft Cat Cakes

As you might have noticed something went wrong with my most recent posts. If you are reading this through Feedly or Bloglovin you probably saw posts with just images. And as much as images can speak for themselves, this wasn’t intentional. So that’s why I’ve decided to republish this post. I’m sorry for the mix up and hope you’ll enjoy the article (#^.^#).

What do you think about some cute feline desserts? Caroline and her daughter Laura came up with the idea for cakes decorated with sugar crafted cats. Together they bake and photograph the desserts to share on their blog. Because these sweet creations have an expiration date, the couple usually eats them afterwards. Ah, life is hard! Their own cat called Apelila is a constant source of inspiration and she doesn’t mind getting dressed up in Japanese outfits (^_^).


My personal favourite is this sakura cupcake with a Catootje look-a-like.



These cacao paws are the cutest!



Want some kittens with your donuts?


You can read an interview on InStyle, complete with a recipe for dorayaki (Japanese pancakes) with cats!