Gigi Oh Cute Stationery from France

Recently a new stationery line called Gigi Oh hit the shelves in France. Gigi Oh is a co-brand of Clairefontaine, a company that goes a long way back when it comes to producing great school and office items. I was able to get some items and would like to share the world of Gigi Oh with you!

Gigi Oh Clairefontaine - cute stationery France Paris

Gigi is an incredibly curious and optimistic girl that travels a lot with her poodle.
She changes her hair color to suit her mood: chameleon magic!
She is quickly amazed by everything around her…. (Oooohhh!)
Gigi loves Style…she spends a lot of time in second hand stores looking for affordable vintage haute couture which she combines with current fashion.
Future destinations: New York, Japan and maybe even the moon, nothing can stop her! Today she wants to create a wig for her dog. Oh, what a wonderful day.

Gigi Oh Clairefontaine - cute stationery France Paris

These pastel coloured Gigi’s might be my personal favorite, they bring the promise of endless summer days along with them. :sun:


Store your papers safely and neatly in these classy binders. They are both available from Exacompta, where you can find more Gigi Oh stationery, such as the cute A4 folders below.

Gigi Oh Clairefontaine - cute stationery France Paris

Other items with the adventurous Gigi include mugs, pencil boxes, notebooks and even a correspondence set, as seen on Clairefontaine.
Next up I would like to show you some pictures of my own tiny collection. I can honestly say that the quality of the prints is very good. This is always a bit difficult to capture in a picture, but I think the photo of the red-haired Gigi notebook comes close (^_^).

Gigi Oh Clairefontaine - cute mug France Paris

Gigi Oh Clairefontaine - cute notepad France Paris

Gigi Oh Clairefontaine - cute notebook France Paris

The Gigi Oh products are available at Exacompta, where you can also find stationery shops in your neighborhood in France that will sell them. Did you already spot them? Please share it with us in the comments!

This is not a sponsored post, I just love the Gigi Oh items ๐Ÿ™‚

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