Cute and Healthy Food Art of Ida Frosk

Ida Skivenes (a.k.a. Ida Frosk) is an Instagram food artist and enthusiast based in Oslo, Norway. She believes that food should be fun, tasty and for the most part healthy. All the pictured food art is created and eaten by Ida, check them out:

Cute Food Art Ida Frosk - Rilakkuma

The Hardships of Monday Morning, starring Rilakkuma & Kiiroitori. This scrumptious breakfast consists of bread, peanut-butter, yogurt, dried blueberry, pancake (yay), apricot and plum.

Cute Food Art Ida Frosk - Circus Lion

Eating the Lion’s Share with peach, apple and dried blueberries.

Cute Food Art Ida Frosk - Bird Toast

Rising With the Early Birds with bread, cream cheese, strawberry, orange and blueberry.

Cute Food Art Ida Frosk - Fruit Snail

Snailed It! A healthy breakfast with pancake, banana, kiwi, dried blueberry and almond flakes, You can find the (Norsk) recipe on

Cute Food Art Ida Frosk - Dino Breakfast

Ida says it takes her about 5 to 15 minutes on average to finish her art pieces, which is far quicker than the more complicated food art of Samantha Lee.

Cute Food Art Ida Frosk - Dino Breakfast

Occasionally Ida posts recipes on her website, but you can also follow her food art through Instagram. Or you can get Ida’s cookbook to create some cute breakfasts yourself, it’s available on Amazon and