Usamochi Game and Wallpaper

Usamochi and her sister Puchimochi lived on the moon. One day they visited the earth to admire the flowers and indulge in the delicious apples. In fact the bunny sisters ate so much that they gotten too fat to fly back to the moon. So they decided to stay on earth for a while to relax with their piyo-chan friends. Now they can eat all they want, but they exercise as well :). The usa sisters are so fluffy that they look like rice dumplings, hence the name.

Usamochi Cute Game iPhone

Usamochi Cute Game iPhone

There are 3 free iPhone apps featuring the fluffy Usamochi. Flu-Flu Usamochi is a simple game where you tilt your iPhone/iPad to help Usamochi to some fruits. Avoid getting hit by picho-chan though, that will cost you 100 points. It’s a very cute and quick play, but I disliked the Google banner in the right top, which you aren’t able to turn off.

Usamochi cute bunnies kawaii wallpaper iPhone

The Usamochi Wallpaper app is great if you are looking for some cute bunny themed iPhone wallpapers. There are about 24 home screen and lock screen images to choose from. If you don’t feel like downloading the app, you could also visit Sunchara’s mobile website for both bunny and alpaca wallpapers.

Usamochi Cute Wallpaper Desktop

The Usamochi sisters can also brighten up your work or study space with their desktop wallpaper. And if you’re looking to see more of them, I can recommend this kawaii video and the official Usamochi website.

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